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SSB Wives welfare association was registered under the societies registration act (XXX) of 1860 on 23rd Dec.2004 in New Delhi.   SSB Wives Welfare Association or “Sandiksha” as it is better known, has its apex body at the Force Headquarters.  The association has two main arms i.e. the Governing Body and the Central Executive Committee, both are based in Delhi. The Central Executive Committee takes all important day to day decisions concerning Sandiksha and reports to the Governing Body.  The head of Sandiksha is its President who is the wife of the Hon’ble Director General, SSB.  She is assisted by the vice-President, who is the wife of the Special Director General/Additional Director General.  The Honorary Secretary, Honorary Joint Secretary & Honorary Treasurer is selected among the lady wives of officers posted at the FHQ.   Apart from this the 08 other members selected among the lady wives of NGO’s of FHQ/25th BN SSB Ghitorni.

 Prior to the formation of  Sandiksha, Family Welfare Centre(FWC) used to function in all units of SSB in which families of Force personnel used to be gainfully engaged in income generated activities like, stitching, Achar making , Candle making  etc.  However, with the constitution of “Sandiksha” these Family Welfare Centres were converted into “Sandiksha” units.

 At the regional level, i.e. at the Frontiers there are similar committees with officials such as the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Honorary Secretary, Joint Secretary and Honorary Treasurer etc. 


Also under the aegis of Sandiksha SWWA Sale Centers are being run at regional level i.e. Frontier Hqrs & Sector Headquarters. These centers gives a platform to showcase and sale the local produce, edibles items such as Pickles, Spices, Papad, Badi etc. which are made by Sandiksha members.

 Periodic meetings of the Central Executive Committee is held as per directions of the President, Sandiksha.  The involvement of government machinery is kept at a minimum since Sandiksha is not an official forum.

  Based on the direction of President Sandiksha various activities of Sandiksha are held however, all the expenditures related to “Sandiksha” are sanctioned by the IG (Admn), FHQ.

 The source of revenue for Sandiksha is the annual welfare exhibition held normally around SSB Raising Day at Delhi.  During this exhibition, a Souvenir is brought out which consists of articles contributed by ladies of Sandiksha, photographs of Sandiksha activities and other articles that concern women along with advertisements.  These advertisements are the most important source of revenue for Sandiksha followed by the 25% profit share that is taken from various participants in the Welfare exhibition.



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