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Tezpur Frontier




                  The  very idea  for creation of a resistance organization at the time of Chinese aggression  in 1962 had been derived by the  senior officers of the Govt. when they have seen the courage, dedication, devoted efforts of some young boys of TEZPUR area who had formed an organization namely  Youth Emergency  Force to fight against the Chinese. This young group already involved  in  evacuation of  weapons from north bank to south bank of Brahamputra beside helping the local administration. There was many deliberations  with the members of the youth emergency force by senior Army and police officers on many occasions  at circuit house Tezpur. All such discussions have culminated in to the creation of SPECIAL SERVICE BUREAU (SSB)   during 1963. Only two members of the YOUTH EMERGENCY FORCE are alive at present at Tezpur


                 Tezpur Frontier has started functioning from the  building which was originally constructed  for  the Hqrs of SSB North     Assam Division, Tezpur at Agnigarh path, Tezpur during 2000. Consequent upon creation of Guwahati Frontier at Guwahati, Tezpur become the one of the Sector and started functioning from 2nd January, 2006 in the same building. On formation of new Frontier at Tezpur, Sector Hqr. Tezpur has been shifted to Devendra Nagar and the building of SHQ Hqr. Tezpur converted into FTR Hqr. Tezpur.

                        There is a heritage building within the premises of Tezpur Frontier Hqr. about 150-years old, in which earlier the Hqrs of SSB North Assam Division was accommodated till the construction of the present  R.C.C. Building.

             The FTR campus is located beneath the Agnigarh Hill alongside the Brahmaputra river flows on.

                              It is well protected with boundary walls all  around with  a  lone entry/exit point.




                         Tezpur    Frontier started its functioning  with effect from 26th June, 2015 from the building where Sector Hqr. Tezpur was functioning.  Its jurisdiction starts  from the AOR of 37th  Bn Mongaldoi (border pillar No.251/1) in Assam  to 38th Bn Tawang (border pillar No. 358) in Arunachal Pradesh. This entire border region is located in rough and tough mountainous region of the Eastern Himalayas and most of the BOPs are placed at a very high altitude and in tough terrain.

         Beyond the B.P. No. 358, there is a portion of Indo-Bhutan Border of about 35 Kms upto Tri-Junction Point near Jarjang-Tso Lake is yet uncovered by any Border Guarding Force, due to non existence  of border pillar.

                                                           FRONTIER HQR TEZPUR




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